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Campus History

Queens Intermediate History
Pasadena, Texas

Queens Intermediate School is located on the corner of Queens Road and South Houston Road in Pasadena.

Queens School was built in 1952 by Fisher Construction. Lloyd and Morgan were the architects. The original building was intended to be used as an elementary school.

At the time of the construction of Queens Elementary School, Mr. V. W. Miller was the superintendent of schools. Mrs. Pearl Hall was the first principal. She brought eight teachers with her from South Houston Elementary. Mrs. Hall was the principal of Queens Elementary from 1952 to 1962. The school consisted of grades one through six.

Due to the large enrollment in 1958, three portable buildings were constructed. In 1958, Queens Elementary divided its student population into two groups. One group was to go to Williams Elementary when that building was completed. Until then, however, both schools used the Queens building. Williams Elementary, with Mildred Vines as the first principal, attended the afternoon session, and Queens students attended the morning session.

In 1962, the school became Queens Intermediate School. It was chosen as the pilot school for the Pasadena Intermediate School Program, which included grades 6, 7, and 8. The first administrative staff included Mr. John Austin, principal from 1962-67, Mr. Jack McCoy, assistant principal, and Mrs. Gertrude Hunt, counselor.

The school was remodeled to include a gym, band hall, orchestra room, and library. Other later additions included choir rooms, restrooms, a teacher workroom, and a bookroom.

In 1967, as a result of this pilot program, Superintendent of Schools, George A. Thompson, was presented with a "Pacemaker Award" from Parade, The Sunday Newspaper Magazine, and the National Education Association cited the Pasadena Independent School District as a Pacemaker for the intermediate school concept. Mr. Carroll Teague, retired Harris County Superintendent, was with the district at that time and was instrumental in developing and implementing the intermediate curriculum.

Mr. Lee O. Williams served as Queens' next principal, from 1967 until 1982, when he retired. In 1982, Mr. Robert Tyler became principal after serving as principal at South Houston Intermediate. Mr. Tyler served as principal from 1982 until 1993, when he retired. In 1993, Mr. Roy M. Gunn became principal after serving as assistant principal at South Houston High School.

In 1998, the band hall was dedicated as the Damon Hilsmeier Rehearsal Hall. Mr. Hilsmeier was the band director at Queens for 31 years, from 1962 until he retired in 1993. He was also the first intermediate school band director in Pasadena.

Queens received a RECOGNIZED rating from TEA for the 2001 - 2002 school year.

Beginning in the summer of 2001, Queens began undergoing renovations and construction, and the final project was completed in November of 2002. The renovation and expansion project was provided through the Make Room For Children bond program. The main office relocated to the South Houston side of the campus from the center of the building and was completed in the spring of 2002. A new performing arts wing, an enlarged attendance office, a new enlarged library, and a cafeteria were opened to students at the beginning of the 2002-2003 school year. Finishing touches, such as a stage in the cafeteria, were completed in October 2002.


History of Principals
Mr. Roy M. Gunn, principal since 1993, retired in December 2002.

Mr. Troy McCarley, an assistant principal from Jackson Intermediate, became principal in January 2003 and immediately began a campaign to get the students more involved in their school. Helping in his campaign were the assistant principals: Linda Shippey, Irma Parkin, Michael Alvarez, and Troy Jones.

Troy Jones, an assistant principal at Queens from 2003-2004, became principal of Queens Intermediate School at the start of the 2004-2005 school year. Troy Jones retired from her Principal position in June of 2018.

  • Assistant Principals for 2009-2012 were Jatata Hutton and Robert Sayavedra.
  • Assistant Principals for 2013-2015 are Robert Sayavedra & Jim Bob Jacobs.
  • Assistant Principals for 2015-2016 Jonette "Jodi" Douglas & Jim Jacobs.
  • Assistant Principals for 2016-2020 Jonette "Jodi" Douglas & Bernadette Marsh.
  • Assistant Principals for 2020-Present Brenda Melendez Lawson & Bernadette Marsh

Campus Principal for 2021-22 is Cleveland Lee, a former Assistant Principal at Pasadena Memorial High School. 

The present faculty and staff are continually seeking new and innovative methods to aid our students in becoming a productive part of our modern society!